As marketers we are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect to our audience.  More and more we are looking to move away from print and into social media and digital. With the expansion of available channels, publications and mediums audiences are becoming more and more fragmented. As a society, we have less available time to pay attention to what advertisers and marketers have to say. So how do we engage audiences and communicate our messages?


For the past 3 years we have worked closely with the research department of a large out-of-home billboard company to develop effective marketing material. For sales the focus is often on the numbers. If they can show the audience in terms of age, disposable income and shopping habits they can show potential advertisers the benefits of OOH and it’s potential reach. They show how it reaches people throughout their day, how often and for how long.  But all of this information is arbitrary unless advertisers can narrow down to a very specific audience. The numbers change for each audience, environment and location.  So how do you reach a larger audience in marketing without getting too specific?


We are trying to develop material that is a ‘catch-all’. A message that is specific to many different audiences. To do this with traditional mediums such as print and television can be costly and because the material and data is time sensitive it becomes out of date quickly. This is where video can be a viable solution to reach multiple audiences with many messages quickly and cost effectively.





We often associate video with the high cost of television. Storyboarding, video shoots, studio time, actors, post-production and finally publication. You can choose to go that route but there are other ways to develop effective video without incurring the costs. Many companies have started to use motion graphic designers to develop video. Many are capable of storyboarding, shooting video as well as animating, which eliminate much of the cost. Info graphics and animation are popular now but may not speak clearly in terms of your brand. In other words if you are a luxury brand you may not feel animation is a good representation of your brand. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. But if you are a smaller organization looking to communicate cost effectively then motion graphics is a viable route.



Updating video may not be instant but it is certainly quicker than traditional print. Digital signage offers real-time updates. This is doable if you have the workforce to make the updates, the systems to allow the updates to happen and the infrastructure to support the scheduling changes. As companies grow this can be a difficult promise to keep. Still – a 48-hour turnaround on a change is much quicker and less costly than that of changing a print billboard, re-editing a commercial or reprinting a brochure.



A lot can be said in 15 seconds or less. Brand is represented by design. Research turned into info graphics. The message is delivered via subtitles and a voiceover. End it all with a strong call to action and 15 seconds of video can deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience in an engaging, informing, and entertaining way.


This all seems like a simple formula to successful marketing but without the right focus all of your efforts can fall flat.  Understanding how to deliver your message and how long the message should be requires an understanding not only of the audience but also of the medium. If you plan to start developing video marketing try enlisting people who are experienced in the industry. Video marketing can be less costly but if NOT done correctly you risk throwing away your time and money and receiving nothing in return. At best you reach your audience. At worst you do damage to your brand and lose your audience.


For more information on effective video marketing and advertising we can help.







Once upon a time there was a company called Little Red Hen Productions. That company spent days and nights toiling at their desks working to deliver the best advertising and marketing messages the industry had to offer. It was a wonderful experience based on an incredible relationship with their clients.


After 8 years of hard work and perseverance, the hen fell on hard times. Her little chicks started doing competitive dance, they needed their beaks fixed, and soon they would be off to chicken college…and we all know that takes a lot of scratch. It was because of this that Old Red had to venture to the big city and get a regular job just like the big city folk.



For 3 years Red worked hard and laid eggs for the farmer but something was still missing. Sure her chicks had plenty of feed but she just felt like she was always away from the nest. After all that time on the road and roosting in someone else’s barn she just knew the only way she would be truly happy is if she was working out of her own barn.


So Red and her rooster came up with a plan that would return her from over the rainbow to her own back yard.


Those 3 years working for the farmer were not wasted on the hen. She learned more about marketing, advertising and design in those short 3 years then she had learned in quite some time. But she knew that none of that knowledge would be more appreciated than by the clients in her own neighbourhood.  So she packed up her eggs in a basket and headed back home.


Now here we are back at the beginning and ready to start the next chapter in our story. We know what it will be full of twists and turns, peaks and valleys but we look forward to the journey. The only thing left to add is a variety of characters to make our story complete!


And together we can live happily ever after.


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